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Songs from The Missouri Harmony CD

This compact disk recording was created in 1995, by members of St. Louis Shape Note Singers to demonstrate the wonderful songs of the Missouri Harmony. Please note that this is a studio recording. If you are looking for the driving force of a convention, you will want our other CD, Glory in My Soul.

Songs from the Missouri Harmony is available from the St. Louis Shape Note Singers for $12 postage paid until our supply runs out.

Glory in My Soul CD

Rejoice with singers from the 1998 Missouri singing convention in a lovely country church near Marthasville, Missouri. This was the first time the Missouri singing had been blessed with "the bus". Singers from Alabama and Georgia charter a bus and travel to an out-of-state convention. When they arrive, they bring the power of their voices as well as the joy of their fellowship. We were delighted at the result, and the power and energy it has captures.

Glory in My Soul is available for $12 postage paid ($10 in person).

To order either CD, send a check payable to Wings of Song and mail to Presley Barker at 5508 Windmill Rd., Imperial MO 63052 USA.